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Oh handsome manly stallion of justice and lord of the Render Boutique. Mjn.Mixael I besiege you to hear my small, simple and humble request.
(Or in other words, I heard you are bored because none of the noobs on hlp are making use of your superb services and I figured you could make me something!)

What I seek is a 250x188 animated headani, that says something along the lines of "incoming message" or "decoding transmission" or what not. Like the one used by the wingcommander saga d00ds. (See attachment)

Is this within thy power to grant?

[attachment deleted by a basterd]

Something like this?

[attachment deleted by a basterd]

Superb my good sir!
I thank thee

You're welcome.

It should be ready to go as a head ANI but I didn't test it myself. If you have issues, let me know and I'll see about getting the palette right.

It works A-okay ingame  :yes:


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