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Dirt McStain:
Okay... I can't dodge a missile for the life of me.  Any tips?

Don't fly in a straight line. Glide won't help you much. Use CMs.

roll while banking to perform a maneuver close to an atmospheric barrel roll and fire counter measures.  Having a joystick with twister rudder in the handle helps with this or rudder pedals.  Also doing the same and hitting the A/B's when the missiles get close will work if you are out of CM. 

Also depends on what you are fighting as well.  Bank and roll will usually defeat Cylon dogfighting missiles, but are less effective against the ones that lock on. 

Hey. I'll add a Missile section under combat now. :)

I'll add your suggestions too ;)

And it's done.

Thanks for the input!  :)


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