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Mission 2 - The Strike

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I believe there's a scripting bug (feature?) where some HookVariables aren't initialised on the 1st gameplay frame.  Try delaying the tubelaunch by 1 sec, maybe with ( has-time-elapsed 1 )?

Well now I'm having the problems I first had. It launches then player control isn't given back. Also really weird, even though my HUD tells me I am going 0/ms when I check my distance to the Dalliance it is increasing fast. I mean really fast, give it half a minute or so and you are over 20000 meters from the Dalliance.

That sounds a bit like a code bug that was fixed recently.  Which version of Diaspora are you using?

1.1, using the data file provided by this link, and 3.7.1 provided to me by karajorma on a thread I posted.

Link to build I'm using:

OK - that's me out of ideas for now. If I get a chance in the next few days I'll see if I can reproduce the issue on my PC.


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