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Mission 2 - The Strike

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Here it goes.

I played as a client with no player as a server. I used 01-oct and 15-oct nightlies with no notable difference between them.

1) Strangely enough server doesn't react to "\" presses (while client do). That's just minor issue since "launch by time" performs just fine.
2) On the second respawn my client has "Glide" state locked (and I can't get rid of it pressing keys) and in this state he appears in the tube, and glides all the way to the left through the "Theseus" no matter of its hull structure (like if "no collision" is on). Third respawn is ok since it is outside the Theseus (but no "Glide" is on as well).
3) Theseus turrets animates and behaves somehow erratic (see the screen).
4) I haven't investigate in details, but seems that AI wings doing nothing, at least I didn't feel any cover from them (which is supposed to be from the briefing).

That's all I remembered for now, maybe there will be more.

UPD By "AI doing nothing" I mean, for example, that nobody attacks missile launchers with me.

They don't make any attempt to cover you?


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