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Mission 2 - The Strike

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Basically go to the Diaspora folder and click on the file called fred2_open_Diaspora_R1_Debug. You will then find a file in Data called fs2_standalone.log or fs2_open.log. Get me a copy of that file. It will hopefully allow us to figure out what is causing your crashes.

logs -

[attachment deleted by an evil time traveler]


--- Quote from: bunik on March 18, 2014, 06:51:12 am ---logs -

--- End quote ---

Is triggering from an Assertion() within the code base. See below for extract but I will take a look.

--- Code: ---ASSERTION: "chunk_type == OP_DEFPOINTS" at modelcollide.cpp:735
--- End code ---

I have ran into a problem myself.

The tube launch works when I put Alpha 1 into a tube, attached via pod. The launch goes smoothly, then my controls are frozen going at the speed of 0. I tried to fix this by putting a event chained under the Launch that set Alpha 1 mobile. However when I do this the ship exponentially increases its speed towards FTL standards and crashes the game.

No errors were encountered aside from the crash.

PS: multi mode was Coop

Is this when making your own missions or with Mission 2?


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