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Greetings and salutations, Great Master of Rendering

<bows down>

As I see, there is not so much traffic here so, can I have a small request for you? I need a custom hud, a completly new lines and everything with similar layout. It seems to be pretty small and easy job, but I don't know how to do it myself neither I have time with too many projects on my head. As always.

I have no specific idea how this thing should look like. I imagined it as something derived from classic FS1 hud and mixed with Jarvis hud from Iron Man. Something like this:

or this:

Of course with less amount of everything + Mixed with hud from FS1. It must have the feel of classic FS1 hud and a touch of freshness.

As for the rule 2, this request is for Mystery Project. Alrough even the name is not revealed, the mod already have half of the missions done [11 + 3 cutscenes] and large modpack and you can be sure that I will finish this and Your work won't be wasted :P


--- Quote ---It seems to be pretty small and easy job
--- End quote ---
Protip, its not.

A couple things.

I know English isn't your first language, and usually you do OK.. but I read your post several times and I'm still quite unsure what you actually want.

It seems like you want me to design you a brand new HUD derived from FS1 but mixed with inspiration from your posted image/Iron Man HUD. I have no idea how to do that given that the two styles are very, very different. Not only that, but you have given me little information on what you really need other than you want it based on X and Y and it should have a touch of freshness. There's a running joke in my office (a design studio) where we look at people's job requests that ask for things that would be highly involved simply because the customer wants their wedding video to be "Awesome & Inspiring". Nah, man.. don't worry about the specifics and details of this incredibly difficult video shoot during a ceremony.. just make sure it's AWESOME!. Your request seems a little bit like that.

I'm certainly willing to create HUD elements for people, as I've already done on this board. However, what you're asking for is not to just give you what you need, it's to essentially design the look of your mod's central gameplay elements from scratch. I just don't have the time or, honestly, the motivation to do that.

Now, if you spend some time drawing out what you want your HUD to look like and can give me specific details for individual gauges then it's far more likely I can give you what you want.

This is actually not depending on my english. I was rather counting on your artistic imagination and a dose of freedom that most of artists want to have during their work. I get the point.
I made something like this:

- Elements in the central part of the hud must be in circular shapes. I kitabashed this from already made artworks just to show what I want and my result is not as circular as I would want it to be. Fuel and Energy gauges must be parts of full circle.
- Fuel and Energy gauges should me more transparent than on image above. Something like 30% more transparent than on my image. Black letters inside should be filled with alpha channel, to be 100% transparent.
- I need similar, hexagonal patters the same as inside the radar and targeted ship preview inside every gauge on the hud: weapons, cms, kill count etc.
- All original gauges untouched by my should remain the same as in FS1 but with hexagonal pattern inside.
- Wings icons are small hexagons.
- Cables-like pattern present below wings list, monitoring ships and on the right side of targeted ship preview may vary. Count of lines should by different with the same scale of individual lines. As long individual gauge is, as more lines there should be. Their style must remain the same.
- As for the missile lock, I need it to me similar to three outer elements of the viewfinder in the center of the whole hud. I need it animated as I showed here

*rotate DURING tracking

I hope I didn't forget about anything.

Well, English was a problem because I read your first post many, many times and couldn't understand it. In your first post, as I understand English, sense was not made.

As for the rest.. that is much more doable. It is still a huge amount of work requiring 14/15 gauges by my count and a custom HUD table to be built (even if just for testing). That said, I am much more willing to do that because I don't need to spend my time designing it from scratch. I cannot guarantee immediate delivery. I have a backlog of projects that must be finished first.


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