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Alright, there were several permutations of me writing this post, but I have decided to keep it as short and simple as possible.

BlackWater Operations has been somewhat inert during the past two years or so, as the hurdles regarding our unfinished assets are too steep for volunteers to overcome. This stems from the fact that many of our models never got past the design stage, yet were fixed in the design sense, meaning "all" that had to be done was create them from scratch, and put them into the game.

Some of the models have been finished throughout the inordinate amount of time this campaign has been in the making, however there are quite a few of them outstanding.

During all these years, since I took control of the project, I had hoped that slowly but steadily we would be able to reach the finish line, as brave volunteers with the required skills would slowly edge the work out. But, that was obviously too optimistic, and the reason is simple: the work that needs to be done for this project is too time intensive and requires a significant level of expertise, something that is more akin to having a job than doing it as a hobby. The problem is that technical specifications and the 40 odd missions we have are largely complete by design, and the key remaining obstacle are the assets required to populate those missions, ultimately leading to the missions being updated to work with the new assets. The work revolving around the missions is difficult as well, as they are by no means fully complete, however the first thing that needs to be tackled are the actual assets.

Given the fact that the undertaking required for finishing our assets is that many of them have yet to be started, it was always obvious to me that this kind of work is one that should be paid. After all, the video game industry is a multi billion dollar one, where people get paid to produce art assets in the same sense that we would need them for our project.

For this reason, I will be putting up $500 out of my own pocket and through HLP's PayPal for maximum transparency, in order to at least start this process. Whether or not that is enough will be for the individuals with the requisite skills in the community to decide. Ideally, I would prefer for one skilled individual proficient enough with all of the required skills in taking a model from the design stage to the playable stage, to take up the commission and essentially earn $500 by themselves.

Failing that easy scenario, the more pragmatic solution is to divide the money on a per-ship basis of the ones we need completed, and give the opportunity to multiple takers in earning some money through their artistic endeavors.

As of right now, we have sixteen models that are in various stages of development. Of those sixteen, three have not been started yet, with additional four that have models as a work in progress. The rest require work with either textures, LOD's, debris, conversion, and the like. Given that some of these are fighters and bombers, being smaller, and others are capital ships, obviously the work required for completing them is not the same. The money will be distributed proportionately between the models that need to be worked on, with the more challenging ones yielding more money for the artist taking the work on.

So, if you are interested, please contact Raven2001, and have a conversation with him regarding your skill set, and what you would be willing to do. He will be able to provide you with more detail with the work that needs doing. After you have contacted him, and come to an agreement on which of the models you want to take on, then you can contact me to discuss payment for the work that you have chosen to produce.

We will favor those applicants that can take larger amounts of work on at once, with the ability to complete the work quickly. As written above, ideally one or two people would do the whole thing, and make out with a larger purse in the end, however everyone with the requisite skill set is required, regardless of how much you want to take on. If you want to do one model and get paid for it, that is great too.

We hope to hear from you. :)

Colonol Dekker:
It's a genuine shame that nobody had stepped forward to help for free beforehand.

Please, do step up this time, people. :) It's our last shot at finishing this. If we won't make it now, BWO is dead, so step up, people!

It might help if you guys gave a general indicator on what level of quality you are looking for with models and textures.

I wish I would be able to help but unfortunately I have no modelling nor texturing skills of any kind, I wish you luck in your endeavors of finding people qualified for your models.


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