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Much appreciated. Same as Black Wolf, I'm sure Raven will contact you the first chance he gets.

I want you to know that, despite my silence so far, I'm keeping an eye on this thread.
I haven't replied to anyone yet because I want to first get a sense of who's willing to help out, for pay or for free, so that I can spread the assets accordingly.
So if I haven't replied to your PM's yet, it's not because I forgot or anything. It's because I'd rather send you a meaningful reply.

Thanks for the help, everyone! :)

Could this get posted on Facebook?  I've been told HLP has a FB page.

That could certainly be useful, while the FB group only has 147 members (I'm not sure how many people are there actually active members vs actual forum membership) it would be nice to get the word out that way to members who don't regularly check the forums/this project.

you should just put this up on kickstarter :)


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