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The Status of SAFSO


Is the mod dead? Yes, very much so. Why? between Quanto's harddrive problems and the lack of finding people who want to make missions (I tried, but grew to hate using FRED and mission design in general. I'm more an artist.) the whole thing pretty much died out.

It's kinda sad to see everything go to naught, so I'll talk to Quanto to get what WIP and finished stuff we have out the door to everyone. Not that I think anyone would have a use for any of it due the mods rather distinct style, but maybe one day someone might!

I'd add that another problem seems to have been a lack of coordination in the latter phases - it's just hard to keep a project going on when the group dynamic just doesn't seem to be in place. Early on, we were either students or unemployed, so there was a lot of time to work together on the project. That kind of environment just doesn't last forever, though.

Oh hey Thaeris. Can you dump out all of your concept art for this mod? I know you have a lot of it still hiding somewhere.

I can certainly do that - where are we needing it, Andy?

...I should note that a lot of the stuff is quite rough, and was intended moreover to get us going in a direction rather than act as a final "finished" piece of art. Preliminary stuff tends to be like that, and my earlier work had a tendency to do that a lot regardless.

I just want to show it off here on this thread.

Also spoke to the Quanto. He hasn't thought about dumping at all. I might need to do it myself then.


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