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General Battuta:
I think we have a philosophical disagreement there. I don't get any added sense of achievement by sitting through a few scripted sequences, pressing alt-N a couple times, and then pressing 1 (no matter how great the presentation was the first time). I already know I can do those things, so there's no achievement in doing them again.

I get a sense of achievement from actually overcoming the hard part (the combat), and when I fail at it I want to get right back to it. Knowing that I need to sit through a bunch of easy but time-consuming mission to get back to the hard part discourages me from trying.

In a sense, once you've done it once, all the mission 4 content before the Guardian battle is just a load screen. I think you can agree nobody enjoys a five minute load screen.

Dilmah G:

--- Quote from: starbug on December 07, 2020, 03:10:15 pm ---I am seriously loving this. The production quality is amazing, the voice work is professional.  I would be more than happy to pay for this and it does look like a paid tripple A game. i had no idea another BSG mod was in the works. Top notch work

--- End quote ---

I agree with Battuta in that checkpoints would make things a bit nicer, but for a TC this beautiful? I'm willing to slog it out a bit. Well done.

Phantom Hoover:
If the player is having to use time compression -- as I frequently did in Adversary when replaying a mission -- you need to add checkpoints. It's as simple as that. Doing otherwise is just bad design. If you aren't aware, checkpoints that save the player's health have been a solved problem for around a decade.

General Battuta:
While we wait to hear back from the mod creator (please reach out!) I've ****ed together some checkpoints in Mission 3 and Mission 4. I've also restored the missions to their original state with the full "intended" presentation. This is an ALPHA of a MOD OF A MOD, not an official release of any kind.

Extract the attached data folder into your Adversary 1.0.9 directory. You should end up with something like FreeSpaceOpen/Adversary/Adversary-1.0.9/data with a bunch of subfolders. REMEMBER THAT YOU PUT THIS THERE because it could cause problems in the future if you don't clean it up.

This will NOT restore the voice acting associated with the lines cut in 1.0.9. That can be done later. The lines themselves will still play.

Let me know if any of you can beat this even WITH checkpoints, it's ball bustingly hard.

If the creator reads this and wants it taken down please let me know! I have uploaded this as a forums attachment only to guarantee that it will not be durable.

[attachment deleted by admin]

If you would like to send your mod attachment to me via PM we can discuss it further.


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