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Temporary Steadfast Discussion thread

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I decided to copy Dark Hunter's idea about a temporary thread about our campaign.

As you already know, contact with Earth has been restored and the GTVA has made a peaceful contact with the EA. Together, they started building ships that serve in a joint fleet, and the first "shared" ship is the Telemus-class GTCa Steadfast. The player is Beta 1 from the elite squadron 35th Black Eagles, lead by the mighty Alpha 1.

So, everything seems ok, right?
At the edge of known space, Altair is used as a scrapyard, and workers live in frightening conditions. So, they decided that it was a pity to scrap the huge fleet they had there... And so, the Altair Phoenixes were born...

So... what do you think? Post any question here.

And don't forget the EA rebellion.

Which EA rebellion?

Some EA Admiral... Or am I just getting tangled up...

Ignore me.

Well I had an idea...something similar, but I don't know if it will fit in the storyline. If yes, it will appear in episode 3 or 4...


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