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If the position is still open, I could take the role of writer.

Sorry for the late reply. Thank you for your interest.

I am currently busy with my M.A.-thesis, the follow-up on a conference, and preparing for a research trip to Vienna later this month. So, bascially, all is on hiatus at the moment, including collaboration.

But the story pieces that were a problematic are now done and revised (New Years has been very productive); Continuity etc. won't be an issue until I can finish the final two missions, and that's all about implimenting a checkpoint system I can debug (not trying to reinvent the wheel but I like to be able to fix any problems that occur)... and then there is the bonus mission, but that's harly more than playable cinematic...

Please keep an eye out for the campaign. I hope to restart development after my return form Vienna... although there is a re-release happening first

Since it is a semi-related note:

I have decided to re-furbish the original 3-mission ending arc of TLG - Jarin into a release with some modern QoL-improvements (e.g. FuryAI). The missions cannot be recycled into the upcoming new version due to serious changes to the narrative.

So for a quick job I need:

a) Someone to help with proof-reading the plot summary/briefings and in mission diagloue. There is a big 10-stages plot summary of the original in there and I am already eliminated several instances for bold face repetition.

b) Some testers.

ps. I am currently not at my best health, so please bear with me if I seem to work slowly or be overly rude at some point.

Hey Orph3u5, best wishes! Hope you get back into good health soon.  :)


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