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Need a ship? Or two? [CLOSED]

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CURRENT STATUS: CLOSEDI'm no-longer capable of taking requests.

Do I have to intruduce myself?

Well, if I have to...

In short - I make ships. Shiny ships. I can make something for your mod if you need me too. Terran, vasudan, even shivan... Terran models may be fully PBR textured if it's needed. If you need a ship, post here. I will see what I can do.

1. I will not make you a whole fleet of shiny warships.
2. I'd like to focus on some critical models without your mod will never work etc.
3. Show me your project is serious! I reserve the right to respond on only chosen requests.
4. I have very limited time... And I'm lazy :D.
5. Expect something of Schrodinger quality.
6. Do I HTL existing low-poly models? Yes, I do!
7. Do I work on dumped, unfinished, other people's stuff? Yes, I do!
8. If this is something for anykind of super-secret project: PM me!

Blah blah, I guess this is better way of serving community rather than just lurking around and looking for gaps in modding resources we already have like I recently do with Ancient ships. Go ahead and ask! I won't bite :P

Do you just create models or are you talented in other tasks as well? I already took a lot of models (many from you  ;7 ) for Friends and Foes 2, but this time I could need help with tech anis for weapons, main halls and the creation of a star map that could be shown in the game, as well as backgrounds for the fiction viewer, debriefing screens etc...

These things are not essential for the mod to work, but could make it look better overall. Right now I'm just stealing from BP, but there might be better/other options :)

Especially the creation of tech anis shown in the command briefing (introduction of weapons for example) would help...

If you need custom anis, you've come to the wrong place :P. Ask Mixael rather than me. I'm skilled in all celesial stuff, weapon effects and other kinds of static graphics but I don't do animation.

OK then I'll talk to him when the progress on my project is big enough :) But I will steal a lot of your ships for my mod anyway  :P

You are welcome to do that :)


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