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Need a 'textcanon' GTSG Mjolnir

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--- Quote ---Maybe the NTF killing one is a special issue, where all weapons were deactivated to have enough energy for the Mjolnir Beam.... no clue.
--- End quote ---

Actually I don't think there's a need to reason things that can not be reasoned. GTVA should mount them all on flat plains, equip them with subspace drives and toast Saths left and right. If :v-old: had stayed with the version they apparently had when they wrote the tech desc it would've been all fine, as you noted. :nod:

Colonol Dekker:
You could Fred an event

>is subsystem-destroyed=ring
Destroy subsystem-weapons that live on ring

Or thereabouts?

Looking at the MVP model, there are probably 2 bugs with the Mjolnir that you'll have too unless you already fixed them:
-debris-2 should be named "debris-grind02a00" to turn it into livedebris as it is made from the subsystem, but the subsystem disappears entirely when it is destroyed (no special subsystem flags and no -destroyed submodel); which causes the debris to pop into existence again upon the Mjolnirs death.
-same for debris-3, which should be named "debris-grind01a00".

For what it's worth I have a remapped baked efficient and bugfixed Mjolnir right here. I posted it to FSU internal but got no response.

Can't you upload the files to FSU SVN?


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