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Blighted - An FSO Roguelike

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oops I meant equipment not upgrades. I never skip upgrades or augments as they are always beneficial.

Mito [PL]:
It's been a posted I wanted to make for a moment now but didn't get around to it.

So, why is nobody talking about this mod? It's fantastic. If you're reading this, you should really play this mod. The closest I can describe it is an amped up mix between The Antagonist and JAD gameplay, with some interesting atmosphere and a whole lot of replayability. With a soundtrack that absolutely slaps. Every weapon, every upgrade, every item you pick up are unique and you will build unique playstyles around what you get. The boss fights are absolutely great and exhilarating, and each one is very very unique in its own right.

Also, in no small part thanks to the crowd of locals riling him up to do it, RedMageJoe took this mod for a spin in his latest stream. Take a look! I'd really recommend seeing the 10 minutes following 3:00:00 for a great showcase of a fantastic boss fight, although it obviously spoils you said boss fight.


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