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[Release] Storm Front: What If - Another Great War (2023 edition)

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Another Great War:

Uses FSO 23.1.0 - 20230621

This campaign was tested on and is hence optimized for medium difficulty level.

What If the Shivans had had beam weapons in FS1? What if the alliance had had flak guns? What if FreeSpace1 had been closer to the Reference Bible? And What If you could play it? Meet Storm Front's view to the Great War... Another Great War...

Here we go. Storm Front: What If - Another Great War. First, thanks to everyone who posted in the open beta thread and my apologies that I went AWOL again. My excuse is the usual: real life issues. Now I've given this another test run and I think it can be published for real. Seems to work smoothly except that 3D models in loadout selection are not working anymore for whatever reason. That's annoying, but not game-influencing. I've anyone has a bright idea how to solve this, let me know.

Well yeah, my turn on the FS1 main campaign. That was the last big project I published, back in 2010 if I remember correctly. Initially, it was just supposed to be some little facelift akin to the Blue Planet team's later FS2 Blue, but it became bigger and bigger as time went on and eventually turned into a quite significant mod with Playing Judas being the only mission that remains practically unchanged. I think some missions really turned out good. My personal favorites are The Hammer and the Anvil and Clash of the Titans. Not so well is everything that is not based on an original, perhaps with the exception of Hit and Run (where you have to protect the Vasudan carrier against the Taranis). These missions are dull and lack meat on the bones. However, at this point I have no motivation to put any more work into it and since it's only a few, I think it's okay.

I hope you enjoy. Don't be shy to also give me feedback if you didn't. :)

Where to download that FSO version seperatly? Knossos doesn´t install that.

What specific error message are you getting? I've uploaded a new version without .VP packaging which caused trouble for other mods.

Knossos told me that the FSO build 23.1.0 is missing. VPs are all present.

Okay, that's weird. Have you downloaded the updated version 23.1.2 and tried that? Knossos should automatically detect which FSO build is needed for the mod and download that automatically if not already present in your freespace installation.


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