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[Ubuntu] My ship just spins.

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Well I got fs2_open_3_6_9 installed and somewhat running using the instructions from the FreeSpace wiki on this page: problem I'm having is when I start the training campaign, my ship siiting in place spinning on a diagonal axis down and left.  I have no clue what could be causing this or how to fix it.  I thought it might be because I had my Saitek X45 plugged in, but that wasn't it.  Anyone have any clues?  Thanks.

Well... I'm not a Linux guru, but for starters, what are your commandline options?

I used the suggested startup script but without the -jpgtga option.  That option always gave me an error so I deleted it out of the script.  Here are the contents of the script:

cd <my directory structure>/fs2_open
./fs2_open_r -spec -glow -mipmap -orbradar -mod Media_VP

And no, the script does not actually say <my directory structure>  ;)

This also happens under MacOS X and my Saitek Cyborg evo at the first mission every restart of the game.

You have to move all axes to full over. Full up, full down, full left and full right.
After that everything works as expected (for me at least).


I'll try that.  It seems it was my controller afterall, so I just started using my track ball.  Problem with is you can spin the ball so fast.  If you spin it too fast it can't track the it very well.  Now the [roblem I'm running into is thet every few minutes, the game goes into pause and dumps to the desktop.  The speech track keeps playing but the game is paused.  I have to click on the game in the toolbar to bring it back up and then un-pause it.  The only other process I have running is BOINC with SETI and Rosetta.


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