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Hello all,

   Due to my less than satisfactory ISP, my connection cuts out for a second every once and a while at random intervals, when it does this, it halts progress on any files I may be downloading, which can to say the least, be frustrating. Anyway, my question is this. I was running the FS2-SCP windows installer when it happened, and it got a few files into the FS Port section, and just halted. If I run the installer again, will I have to start over, or does it just install the files I don't have yet?

Chuck Justice

If you rerun the installer it should recognise the files you already have and download what you don't. If you continue to have problems with your ISP, I would recommend you get a download manager, if switching providers is not an option that is!

And ...........................


Thanks for the welcome, and the advice, It seems to be working fine, we'll see when it's done.



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