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Thesizzler kindly typed up this list of simple checks you should do before you post your problem up in this forum. There's a chance that you can fix what's wrong without needing to ask anyone! So see if these checks can help, before you start a new thread...

Graphics Problems

* If you're using the 3.6.8 Zeta MVPs (MediaVPs), are you also using the patch MVPs (files beginning with mp-710)?
* Are you running at an appropriate resolution for your monitor? Furthermore, if you're using a widescreen resolution, do you have a recent 3.6.10 build? 3.6.9 doesn't properly support widescreen resolutions.
* Are you using OpenGL (you should be)?
* If textures are missing from ships, is the "jpgtga" feature enabled in the game Launcher?
* If the game is lagging, are you using the Adveffects mVP (if it is lagging, you shouldn't be)?
Mod Problems

* If you get an error message along the lines of "ship/texture/etc not found", are you using the correct mod? Do you have the correct campaign selected in-game?
* Do you have separate pilots for each mod? You should.
Finally, here are some details you should include when posting your problem - essentially put as much detail as possible into your post:

* Your system specs (if you don't know your system specs, use CPU-Z and GPU-Z)
* The error message that shows up when the game breaks (or specific description of problem)
* Your fs2_open.log: run a debug build (a build that ends with the word "debug" or with the letter "d"). If you've been experiencing crashes, run the debug build up until it crashes. If you have had other issues, it is sufficient to run it until you get to the Main Hall. Quit the game, find fs2_open.log from \freespace2\data\ and include it to your post, either as an attachment (click Additional Options when posting) or using the "code" tags.


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