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So I suppose this code is proper, object-oriented C++ instead of FS2's C-based spaghetti code ?

The E:
Yes. The project itself is a bit disorganized (A part of the code resides in nGenEx, the other in Stars45), but the code is full-on object-oriented C++ from top to bottom.

I'll post a little guided-tour-like text to explain what each project does shortly.

The E:
While working on some of the reported issues, I have stumbled upon the sourcecode for the modfile utility. However, in order to test it, I need to take a look at the modfile.bat script mentioned in the bug report. Can someone post it here?

whats with the OPCODE library i found in the source tree? its used for collision detection in the game or?

The E:
Yes. OPCODE is a dedicated collision detection library.


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