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I've been thinking it's about time I posted some sort of WIP thread concerning my WiH conversion for SS. Right now I'm going through and testing everything I've converted thus far. For the most part I'm waiting on the new Mvps and other upgraded assets. I'll probably be releasing what I have so far fairly soon so others that are interested can play around with it. If I wait until I have everything set up as a dynamic campaign I think we'll all be old and grey. So I'll put together a few missions throw it out there. This will let others test out the game and maybe come up with ideas on how to improve the engine.

Here's a couple of vids of "The Battle of Neptune" I've been working on. Each time I've run the mission different stuff happens, this video turned out to be the shortest and so the easiest to get on YT. The second vid is the Karuna recovering fighters which didn't happen in the first vid so I wanted to show it off.

Battle of Neptune (or "You Don't Mess with the Zhuan")

Fighter Recovery

I've made a list of some of the things I'd like to see with the SCP. I think most of them would increase the general gameplay value of SS as a whole. I don't expect anything on this list to be done anytime soon, and somethings might not be possible, it's just a list of ideas. I'll add to the list as I think up more.

   - Primary Weapon Loadouts: This is a big one. Being able to switch between primary weapons in a fighter would be a huge win.
   - Targeting Bombs: It's possible to shoot down bombs, and I've seen the ai fighters shooting down Apocalypse Torpedoes, it's just not possible to target them. This makes it close to impossible for the player.
   - Dockpoints: Self explanatory. Would be very useful for rearm/repair and SAR.
   - Ammo Count in Ship Def: Being able to define the ammo count on the hardpoint in the ship's def would solve a lot of headaches. Right now to get the ammo counts right for each ship I have to have a whole weapon def just for the ammo count.
   - Expand Galaxy: I've discussed this in another thread but I'd like to reiterate it here. Not sure if this is possible but I think it would be useful to have another level to the galaxy. Right now you have Galaxy.def/System.def. Inside the System.def you have room for just ten regions. What would be better would be Galaxy.def/Solar System.def/System.def. Where Solar System.def defines the planets for the map screen and then a System.def for each planet in that solar system. This would open up the system so you could have plenty of regions for planets, moons, atmo areas, etc.
   - Launch Events Flag: Right now if a ship has fighters in the hanger she'll launch them. A way to hold the fighters and then launch them later after some event happens would be great. Similar to how hold and jump works I guess.
   - Jump to Coordinates: Adding specific coordinates to a Jump's parameter field.
   - Lunar Missions: Is there a way to remove the atmosphere physics so that you can have an atmo mission on the moon? I started to make a Lunar mission but gave up because the physics just ruined the feel of it.
   - Subspace Warp: Of course. Probably pie in the sky daydreaming, but what the hell.

This will be my ideas and WIP post and I'll reserve the next for releases which shouldn't be to far away.


Sir, that is awesome.


Maybe try to not use the term "SCP" when talking about SSO as it is going to confuse the hell out of FS players ?

SS:SCP?  :lol:


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