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New to the Gathering Storm


Hey guys. 

I'm a big fan of X3, but I've played about all of that game I can stomach right now.  I need something else to keep me entertained.  I downloaded the Gathering Storm and messed around with it a bit.  The carrier tutorial was amazing.  Unfortunately,  the campaign sticks me in a fighter.  I really, really don't want to play a fighter pilot. 

Is there any way to jump straight into cap ships?  I'm more than happy starting out in a frigate and working my way up.  Anything but a fighter.  If I wanted that I'd just load up Freespace.  If there is no way to skip that portion of the game, how long does it generally take to raise in rank enough to be granted your first  capital ship command? 


Alan Bolte:
It really doesn't take long at all. Stick it out, play a few missions, you'll be promoted before you know it. Consider it your introduction to the campaign engine.


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