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Red Rift Mod


Big news in the Starshatter world. Wdboyd is preparing to commence work on his long anticipated Red Rift mod. It will be done as a continuation of his Jonathan Bismarck saga storyline that formed the basis for the missions in his Solcom mod which I'm my opinion is the best and most complete mod ever made for Starshatter. Check it all out at//

I couldn't find any info on that site about the Red Rift mod?

There's only one post saying the site has relaunched and no forums.

A good development if modders are still working on new content for the engine.

Sorry for the confusion. I had to change some admin settings so that non-members can view the news posts and discussion forums. If you try it again, I think you will be able to view the announcement now. Thank you for bringing this to my attention.


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