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this is why bugs get commited to CVS, I only have about 4 hours a night to work on this I don't have time to test these things, I'd think in a day I could have half a dozen people post to say that it worked all ok or something, this is probly how the last code base I was working on got so screwed up to the point that I have to slowly reintegrate everything by hand, I'm going to commit my changes so I'm hopeing there arn't any bugs.
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No problems for me with this build.  BTW, if you (or possibly Goob, I'm not sure who I was discussing this) recall the performance problems I was having after a system reconstruction (software-wise), which would cause FS to run at half power, it turned out that my AGP drivers weren't in, and so my card thought it was PCI.  I installed them and even at 1X (4X had some stability problems with windows and other games), it performs as smoothly as before.  I haven't tried this with Lighty's large textures, but I may give it a whirl in a few days.

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ok, i think i forgot to mention this problem. On my system, when you hit the ready room button, the game pauses >20 seconds before hitting the loading screen and loading the mission. Also, during the start of the mission when it's displaying everything, there is some slowdown, but later it gets a lot better :)
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With this build I get the 'pause' when a new ship enters my FOV for the first time and out of memory errors after two or three missions.  I was playing the Derelict campaign and using the following flags:

-spec -glow -jpgtga -d3dmipmap -phreak -targetinfo -nomotiondebris -snd_preload -pcx2dds -d3d_no_vsync -nobeampierce -stats -show_mem_usage  -fov 0.39 -ambient_factor 0.75

Played just a few missions in HOMESICK. No Problems for me by now. BTW: what does that -nobeampierce thing do?


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Originally posted by Psychonaut
Played just a few missions in HOMESICK. No Problems for me by now. BTW: what does that -nobeampierce thing do?

The standard is for beams to pierce shields and damage the hull straight away.

It's a bug in FS2 but all the missions were balanced with it in mind.

Turning on the flag corrects the bug but is really cheating somewhat if you play the main campaign :D
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