Author Topic: Has anyone tried a Steam Controller?  (Read 810 times)

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Has anyone tried a Steam Controller?
Steam was emptying their stock of Steam Controllers on Black Friday, and I decided that for $5 I'd try it out. I'd always been curious about playing FS2 from the couch, and now's my chance!

But configuring the thing is pretty complicated, and before I reinvent the wheel I wanted to reach out and ask if anyone else has already done this. Google searching hasn't yielded any results (beyond guys in my position posting the same question on Reddit, without success).


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Re: Has anyone tried a Steam Controller?
I guess the lack of response means nobody has tried it.  A few people have used gamepads or XBox controllers, so maybe the Steam Controller can be set up similarly.

My best guess is that it can be set up similarly to a joystick.  Hopefully FreeSpace Open will recognize - and allow you to bind - the controls.  If not you might be able to use a joystick remapper to make it behave like an actual joystick.

I see from your history that you last posted in 2010.  Welcome back!