Author Topic: HLP Newsletter - January 2016  (Read 1780 times)

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Re: HLP Newsletter - January 2016
Read with love :)

Re: HLP Newsletter - January 2016
Woohoo. I would thank my mom, my manager, my fans...

But really thanks to all contestants. I wish to see more screenshots in this year. :yes:
And I just hope my hardware will handle awesomeness of fso. :D


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Re: HLP Newsletter - January 2016
Woot, I get two mentions and didn't even produce any content!
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Re: HLP Newsletter - January 2016
Meh, I shown my coolest current project - the Agneya ingame, but only some ugly experiments with Icelus were shown.

No, I'm not complaining! Great one as always :D :yes:

BTW: GZ Tomimaki!
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Re: HLP Newsletter - January 2016
Ah bleh, I forgot to add that. I did see it and meant to add it to my show off list, but it slipped through. I'll edit it in this weekend!