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Re: HLP Newsletter - May 2016
Congrats on winning the screencap contest, BlackWolf! :D

I MAY just enter the MAY contest myself!  ;7  :P


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Re: HLP Newsletter - May 2016
Thanks for the mention - I shall endavour tofail foward
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Re: HLP Newsletter - May 2016
Thank you for the mention in the May Newsletter. I'd like to think of my efforts on the Sagittarius as updating for the current times rather than remodeling. Nonetheless, I'm both flattered and honored. Perhaps, one day soon, I'll make an effort to add some last minute touches and have it enter local shipyards in these parts.
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Re: HLP Newsletter - May 2016
You are most welcome. Hard work deserves to have a spot light on it. :) The Sagi has been one of those ships I've always wanted to use but never found the opportunity.