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RELEASE: Blue Planet: Chanticleer

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OK, so, can you try going into %AppData%\Roaming\HardLightProductions\FreeSpaceOpen\bpchanticleer-1.3.3\data\scripts and deleting the save file there?

Will do as soon as I get an opportunity. Could be awhile. At a conference this week, my parents coming this weekend, Thanksgiving next week, and then giving my kids a tour of a real college campus + renaissance fair.

I love Freespace! I just hardly ever get time to play anymore!

Finally had a chance to try again.  I'm not sure where the directory you refer to would be on a Linux install.  AppData\Roaming\ is a Windows thing, I thought.  I've tried searching manually and using the search function in Linux Mint and I'm coming up empty.

Something is still getting preserved somewhere, though.  Maybe in my pilot file.

I'm going to try deleting the whole thing and try again with a Pilot I make from scratch.


--- Quote from: qweqwe321 on October 22, 2023, 04:34:52 pm ---If I'm going to release a Blue Planet mod, it has to be up to the standards of what Darius and company have done.  No half measures.

--- End quote ---

And hell yeah, you did!

I had a few starting problems as in I'm to stupid to keep myself alive in mission 1 and protect the Chanticleer. But I learned from my mistakes, stayed away from enemy gunboats and managed to finish this fine piece of art within a day. I love it that the player heavily relies on his wingmen and proper use of commands.

The visuals (Venus) are stunning, the missions itself are well balanced even for **** pilots like me and there were no plot breakers at all.

The fact this is all voice acted also was a great plus, though I've noticed that it must be hard fo VAers to really scream their lungs out when they're asked to.

Overall superb work and I wish there'd be more like this.

Chanticleer 2.0 is now out.  Get it on Knossos:


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