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Freespace : The Movie !?
This is fan made, so dont come back screaming 'OMG OMG OMG FS THE MOVIE ! W0000T ! '

Still, pretty impressive. I take my hat off to whomever made it.

Re: Freespace : The Movie !?
hope the guy doesnt get sued for using paramount


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Re: Freespace : The Movie !?
Its a nice retouch on old scenes.
I am biased of course, but I honestly think Freespace (at least the storyline of freespace 1) would make a fantastic space-horror movie.


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Re: Freespace : The Movie !?
Pretty Good.He could have darken some, not almost all the way, and the hallfight(Fs1)could have made a good horror movie indeed. ;7
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Re: Freespace : The Movie !?
Felt too long for what he was trying to convey.  I wasn't particularly enamored by the use of the Blade Runner-style eye bits or the drawn-out Aliens track.  The overall styling felt like it had some merit, but the pacing needed work toward the end.  The retelling of the FS1's events and foreshadowing of FS2's events was also too disjointed.  Come to think of it, it seemed like the creator couldn't decide if he was making an introductory scene or a trailer, so he tried to do both, to ill-effect.

With some retooling it could be a good video, but in its current state, I think I could watch it before bed to make sure I get my full eight hours rest.

Re: Freespace : The Movie !?
it looked great. Needed different music though, the Freespace soundtrack seemed to fit perfectly anyway.

Excellent start though!
Fun while it lasted.

Then bitter.


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Re: Freespace : The Movie !?
It could have been better, much better. It was far too long, too drawn-out. It also felt rather clichéd. It didn't explain anything about the Shivans, and expected us to go "oh no, the Shivans!" Who's we? Who are the Shivans? Why are we supposed to be scared? Not enough information is given to make us scared, and too much is given for it to be a teaser trailer. Also, I wasn't happy with the simple copying of the lines from the cutscenes. They came off as completely disjointed, switching perspectives and inserting confusing events, like referring to the collapse of the Sol node, without explaining what a jump point was or why they were gone.
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Re: Freespace : The Movie !?
I think the use of colour (or lack of) could have been done better.
An example:
When the camera come from Vasuda prime and passes through the Galatea wreck and pulls away, I could barely see it, and i knew what i was looking for, how could a random person watching an add on TV see what that was, it was a black screen  :wtf:. It needed colour in areas like that   :drevil:

Otherwise a nice video  :yes:


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Re: Freespace : The Movie !?
Someday... someday...

Re: Freespace : The Movie !?
Would've made a fantastic movie. Not like Star Wars, just pure space action movie. Leave Wing Commander and Babylon 5 and the like for DEAD.


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Re: Freespace : The Movie !?
Paramount?! Jeez, those guys did it this time...

I would rather have Freespace the TV series, but VERY impressive work!

And oh, there is too much eyes in there.

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