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Some of you may be familiar with Klavs ship models, be it from several renders, from "Flag Commander" or from "Flat Universe".
Now, crazycanuck has ported some of them over for use on the Freespace Open Engine, especially on "Wing Commander Saga: The Darkest Dawn".

More info:

Captain toot toot:
When I download Wing Commander Saga from  I get a message "either multipart or corrupt zip archive"
When I tried to open Klav's model pack from for Wing Commander Saga I get a "file is corrupt" message.

Does anyone know of where a version of Wing Commander Saga is with Klav's models that will open and actually extracts?

Sounds like the files were corrupted during the download process. This usually results from problems with the internet connection, mostly on the user's or his/her provider's end.

Can confirm. I could open the files without problem.

Check the size of both files. The WC1ships25.rar file should be 188,989 KB and the should be 3,485,253 KB. I'm going to guess that yours are smaller than that which means that the download was aborted before it could finish.

Captain toot toot:
I got darkest dawn to work by downloading the two part from indiedb.  But Klavs model pack still wont open.  The size is 188,989 and the other from another site is 188,983.  Can anyone upload another link for me?  I can't find it anywhere else.


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