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The Decision: A Fanfic

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A bump is perfectly fine, and it's great to be reminded of the F2S fanfiction.  Thanks. :)

I wonder if a link somewhere in the top menus would be helpful.


--- Quote from: jr2 on August 13, 2018, 02:40:58 am ---I wonder if a link somewhere in the top menus would be helpful.

--- End quote ---
Probably, but that would require
a) a well sorted collection (I'm sorry but a folder on a download website doesn't invite me to reading)
b) some more content - people have different tastes.

HLP used to have some general art section AFAIK (of which now only the HLP Array/Setekhs renders remain). Probably that could be recycled? Having tags would indeed suggest to have some fiction viewer on Knossos, but the idea that people read fiction in a launcher just doesn't want to go into my head.

The old "Hard Light Art" board is now Arts & Talents and can be found under the General category.

If you mean a browseable set of images on the main site, I don't think we've had that since Styxx's HLP 2.0.  We do have screenshots for the campaigns listed on the main page though.

Nah, I meant that if someone wanted to make an archive for FS fan fiction, the only site dedicated to art on HLP (I don't count forum boards, they tend to be rather messy) could be used as starting point now that Setekh shows up about once a year. It was just an idea though, and I don't believe that anything like that is ever going to happen.


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