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[WIP] Kn'thrak: A mod-for-a-mod for Wing Commander Saga

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Bryan See:
Lately, I've been developing a mod-for-a-mod for Wing Commander Saga. This mod, which takes place within the same universe as the 2008 City of Ember film adaptation, which sadly remains as a once-off look into the world of Ember which may not happen at least in our lifetimes, making it a once-in-a-lifetime screen adaptation. This mod explores the fate of, and what's left of the world of Ember, probably at the onset of the fulfillment of Kn'thrak, the ancient prophecy foretold the dawning of an era of "great darkness", when a race would come forth to destroy all who reside within the galaxy. In other words, the game centers on an ancient prophecy. In this regard, the world of Ember is among those fallen, right after the end of the 2008 film itself.

In a series of episodic campaigns, you play as a Kilrathi pilot fighting for the very survival in the face of the coming darkness.

This mod features playable Kilrathi ships with the ability to warp-out, but is compatible to WCS, which provides the possibility of its main assets being upgraded someday. It will feature the Nephilim ships from Wing Commander: Prophecy.

How many WIP campaigns do you have now?

Bryan See:

--- Quote from: Nightmare on December 24, 2019, 05:34:27 am ---How many WIP campaigns do you have now?

--- End quote ---
Three. And four if counting Shattered Stars. Or five if counting FreeSpace: Reunited.

I'm compelled to make this for two reasons: to update WCS to today's standards and to create a space combat game that explores the fate of the world of Ember in the point of view of the aliens, in this case, the Kilrathi. The latter is obvious because since the City of Ember's release more than ten years ago nothing is heard regarding a follow-up or even a reboot, even after Disney purchased Fox last March.

Colonol Dekker:
Where does it say the wcs assets are being upgraded?


--- Quote from: Colonol Dekker on December 24, 2019, 10:16:50 am ---Where does it say the wcs assets are being upgraded?

--- End quote ---

Bryan will do that all by himself, right?


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