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Christos ESQ:

--- Quote from: Bryan See on December 24, 2019, 08:40:33 am ---
--- Quote from: Nightmare on December 24, 2019, 05:34:27 am ---How many WIP campaigns do you have now?

--- End quote ---
Three. And four if counting Shattered Stars. Or five if counting FreeSpace: Reunited.

I'm compelled to make this for two reasons: to update WCS to today's standards and to create a space combat game that explores the fate of the world of Ember in the point of view of the aliens, in this case, the Kilrathi. The latter is obvious because since the City of Ember's release more than ten years ago nothing is heard regarding a follow-up or even a reboot, even after Disney purchased Fox last March.

--- End quote ---

Are any of your Three Campaigns for WCS and are they available for Download this late to the party, also is it as easy as unziping a file to WCS Directory and having it show up on the Campaign Selection Screen? 

Wishful Thinking, I know, Tut...

General Battuta:
They are not.

Christos ESQ:
Ah, Well Thank Ye for the Timely and Succinct Response, ne'ertheless.

I have Decided to Attempt to Install the the 3.2.12 Inferno Build (which is required to play the Tech Demo Pack and some of The WC4 Remade Missions) however I am Starting to Think given all the Forum Posts on Here and the CIC that  I have read today that perhaps the Initially Wing Commander Saga Prologue was a Free Space Open Mod that used a Separate Launcher and a Patched Version of FS2 rather than the WCS Stand Alone Game and that I need to Get FreeSpace 2 from GOG and Then Patch and Upgrade It to Play These Mods rather than try to Run Them via the WCS Stand Alone Build?  Is my hypothesis anywhere hitting the Mark?  So Far I have Been Extracting Things into the 'WCHFAssets' Folder that I created in the 'Wing Commander Saga' Folder... and various other Extractions into the 'Missions' Folder but like I said, I kinda think given that These Files were Created Years before the Initial Release of the Stand Alone Game and it was Originally a Mod for FSO, that all my attempted Installations and Such may have been in Vain, and Hopefully don't mess up the Standalone Version, Tsk...

I am working with Source Material that is Over Decade Old based on an Original Content that is Closer to 30 Years prior, so I am not Expecting a Plug and Play Experience at this Point.  I remember having to Go Out and Buy a 300 Soundcard (Creative's SoundBlaster) just to Hear Voices in the Original Game, Tut.

Anyhow, Thanks Again for Getting Back at Us so Swiftly ~

General Battuta:
Can't you Just Use Knossos? That is Our Plug and Play Installer. Maybe What You Want isn't on Knossos

Christos ESQ:
I wasn't entirely aware that there were actually two Versions of WC Saga until the Wee Hours of This Morning, the Stand Alone Saga and the FSO Version, courtesy of @Novachen.    From the Hours I Spent Reading Here, on the WCSaga Forum and the CIC, I gather that the latter has seen some Visual Updrades, I'm not all together sure what else has been modified but I suppose I am Soon Going to Find Out.

My Initial Intentions was just to Take the Path of Least Resistance (and One where I wouldn't have to Deal with Recalibrating my HOTAS, I am not Sure if That is Going to Be Much have Issue per the FSO Version of Saga or Non) and just attempt to to Extract the WCHFAssets Folder into the 'Wing Commander Saga' Folder, I now think that if those WCIV missions will work at all I will probably have to created a 'mod' folder within the 'Wing Commander Sage' folder and attempt to run it through the Launcher.

I am gathering it's not be quite as Easy as putting @Aginor's 'ASSM_v001.fsa2' file into the 'missions' folder and have pop in the Campaign Menu like the his Gaunlet/Capship Trainer did in the Simulator.

I realize the above is Wishful Thinking and I will more likely than Not have to Mosey On over to the FSO Version of Saga and familiarise myself with Knossos and Install FS2 for the Frist Time since I had the CD Version over twenty Years Ago, Tut.  Then apply the FSO 3.2.12 Inferno Version (altho I haven't researched this Topic Fully as of yet but I am already kind of assuming that there is more Recent Build than that given that it was released over a Decade Ago, I suppose I'll have to research and hope that Knossos plays well with whatever Build that be.)  Anyhow, Thanks for the Tips, Suggestions et al.  I'll more than Likely Report back with Issues and or Accomplishments.


Oh, given the Title of This Thread, I guess I should just assume that both 'Kn'Thrak' et 'Sivar's Hand' are on Indefinite Hiatus for the Time Being since most of the Posts I have Read on Those Mods date back to 2015, before I even experienced WC Saga the First Time Around, all good - - The FSO Version of WC Saga must have both the Prologue and the Full Darkest Dawn Campaigns to Keep Me Busy, actually given all that I have stated above if the FSO/Saga is too Pesky to Figure Out in the Short Term I may just try my Hand at Giving the Original Game (Freespace 2) a Whirl with the Enhancements that FSO and the Subsequent Versions Bring, I'm sure that is Allowed, Tut ~


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