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Re: Planning a MVPs Release/Update

Re: Planning a MVPs Release/Update
Gets out the calender


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Re: Planning a MVPs Release/Update
Gets out the calender

Gets out the power of attorney in case all hell breaks loose


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Re: Planning a MVPs Release/Update
cool  ;)
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Re: Planning a MVPs Release/Update
Great news! I'd really love to see the new Ravana in there but as far I can understand from previous discussions on Discord, you're not going to wait for it in case it takes too long to get it done. Fingers crossed, that'd be a pretty cool addition to the MVPs.  :)
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Re: Planning a MVPs Release/Update
For my 2 cents, it's worth a week or two delay to give the new Ravana a chance to make the cut. This being from a poor casual who already has enough trouble modding Freespace 2. :P
But super excited at any rate! Will this include the FS1 Apollo at last?


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Re: Planning a MVPs Release/Update
The FS1 Apollo has been in the MediaVPs since 4.0.x. It's just that the FSPort hasn't been updated since 2014.
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