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Re: MediaVPs 4.2.X Discussion Thread
Some idea I had a while ago: would it be possible to seperate the dubblicates from the MV_Assets/MV_Effects and MV_Advanced into proper MV_HighRes and MV_LowRes packages? Everybody who uses MV_Advanced has several hundred MB of unused files on their HD.


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Re: MediaVPs 4.2.X Discussion Thread
The missing primary sound may be an engine issue as I'm getting them occasionally on Solaris (which doesn't use mediavps).


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Re: MediaVPs 4.2.X Discussion Thread
And you get all other sounds? Just not primaries?

Things to try. In Knossos click the dropdown under MediaVPs and click Verifiy File Integrity to make sure all your files are correctly downloaded and installed.

Check your audio setup? Maybe it's possible the primaries are being lost in a center channel or something?

Ok, so, this is a bit of a laugh. I updated, checked everything, triple checked sound card software, settings, reset config, you name it. Worked it out in the end... For some reason my in-game options for sound effects have been changed (I haven't touched those since... a long, long time ago). I always had all effects / music / voice settings at about half way, as I control my overall sound volume through my headphone amp and half way is a good medium for me. For some reason, my effects were set at 2 dots, and music was at 3. Also for some reason, 2 dots equals 'mute' for some sound effects...? I set it to 3 dots and instantly I was deafened by my primaries and lock on sounds again! Back to 2, silence.

Seems like some oddities with those ingame effects settings, really strange. You can set music down to 1 dot and it still plays fine, but yeah, effects at anything less than 3 causes only some of the sound effects to mute. So all fixed, I have it all set up around half and all is good in the world again  :yes:

Re: MediaVPs 4.2.X Discussion Thread
"Damage" tile maps are present in mv_assets_t_maps (the PBR one) and in mv_assets (the old one), while the latter overrides the former, causing the debris to look weird.


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Re: MediaVPs 4.2.X Discussion Thread
Huh. Looks like someone already took care of this on the SVN. It'll be fixed in 4.3. Thanks for the heads up.
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