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You'd probably have to hack Nyx HD...

Colonol Dekker:
Was gonna PM to ask but he's a ninja and doesn't appear in the member list  :eek2:

Huh. Just click the PM button in one of his posts, or ask on Discord.

...aaaand finally, after few weeks of being overloaded with stuff, artblocks, and dealing with neverending hangover of my engineers of obvious ethnicity, time for third release :]


Third release of this... Ekhem... Christmas is:
EAB Gagana
Sorry, no fancy tech description this time. EA stuff is highly classified :].

You hated this thing in INFR1. I know you do. We all do. We all hated swarm torpedoes, impenetrable armor and sheer amount of dakka. Gagana appears in Nostos as thicc girl, but I was never a fan of her current appearance... So instead of inventing the wheel anew, let's do it truly FS style. Reworked Gagana become heavier and bulkier version of Medusa, with lots of changes to keep the proportions akin to INFR1 Gagana. I pillaged some parts from current and beautiful HTL Medusa that Hades and Sab0o made for FreeSpace Upgrade Project. Because what's wrong with copying from the best, huh :]?

But nooo, I won't give you truly EA stuff :P. What would you do with single EA bomber and without rest of the fleet? That's a good question... So let's pretend our beloved engineers from Han-Ronald copied the design from EA, and reworked to be part of GTVA. Of course she won't appear in GTVA fleet in Inferno Nostos... But now she can appear like that in your mod!

So released version is green to resemble Medusa even more.

Developer Notes:
- Gagana is PBR asset, so she require modern builds to work correctly.
- Debris use their own set of textures... Blah blah, she can be turned into nice hulk.
- Gagana require MediaVPs to work properly. Either 4.0.X or 2014.


DOWNLOAD - MediaFire

It has arrriiiivved!


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