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Interesting mission names!

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Some of the mission names in the main FS1/2 campaign and also in many other campaigns have very interesting names. Some have historical meanings (eg. the Battle of Midway), while others are terminology of hobbies or areas like the military. If you know the meaning of a mission name, or have an idea as to it, post the mission name and what you think of it. Here are a few of the missions that come to mind:

High Noon
The Sixth Wonder
A Monster in the Mist
Straight, No Chaser
Surrender, Belesarius!
Playing Judas
Love the Treason...
...Hate the Traitor
Into the Lion's Den
As Lightning Fall
Clash of the Titans (1 & 2)

With yoru mission name, say where it comes from (eg. FS1, ST, FS2, user-made campaign). Post the names even if you don't know what it means, as someone else might.  

Playing Judas - Judas was one of Jesus' disciples who ended up being a traitor and turning Him in to the Roman officers, which consequently ended up in the crucifix. This mission references to it in that you are a Terran flying in a Dragon fighter pretending to be a Shivan, while what you are really doing is working against them.

Exodus - Refers to the exodus of the Jews from Egypt found in the book of Exodus. Likewise, these freighters containing Capellan citizens are also fleeing from their homes in an attempt to free themselves from the Shivan onslaught.

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here are the FS2 missions in chronological order:

Surrender, Belisarius
The Place of Chariots
The Romans Blunder
A Lion at the Door
Mystery of the Trinity
The Great Hunt
Slaying Ravana
The Sixth Wonder
Into the Maelstrom
Feint! Parry! Riposte!
Battle of the Wilderness
A Game of Tag
Proving Grounds
The Kings Gambit
The Sicilian Defense
The Fog of War
Monster in the mist
Speaking in Tongues
A flaming Sword
High Noon
Return to Babel
Straight, No chaser
Their Finest Hour
Clash of the Titans 2

As you said, they all have some kind of significance in historical reference.  Most of them seem either World War 2 (i.e. Sicilian Defense, Dunkerque) or greek/roman related (romans blunder, place of chariots)


Some are simply descriptive, like Bearbaiting and Surrender Belisarius to name a couple.

Into the Lions den also follows that trend...

so does High Noon for that matter...

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