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Setekh's FS pic-Story ideas

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Okaaaaaay, come and put your ideas for pictures you want him to slave over  

"All empires Fall. You just have to know where to push."

[*]The Beta Aquilae Arcadia being smashed apart by the Lucifer
[*]Alpha 1 and the Orff
[*]Admiral Wolfe looking out of his bridge as his Galatea goes down
[*]The HOL flagship trying to head off the Bastion's fighters and bombers before they enter the Sol node

"All empires Fall. You just have to know where to push."

[*]The Sixth Wonder.
[*]The dawnings of the NTF.
[*]The [message edited by R2NT storyline censoring apparatus]

- The Destruction of the Psamtik (       )
man that was one nice ship, why did it have to get destroyed 1?!?!?! arrrr

- the SOC mission beyond the second Knossos when they find out there are **** loads of Sathanii Coming!

- Alpha 1 taking on the whole Shivan Armada by himself.  

Kryten - "They've taken Mr Rimmer, Sir! they've taken Mr Rimmer!"
Cat - "Quick, lets get out of here before they bring him back!"

Dark Knight:
no don't do the Wolfe one, I'm already doing one myself.


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