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A celebration of Freespace

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[color=66ff00]Events over the past while have shown how proud we all are of being Freespace players and modders. This community has taken a gift from Volition and done things with it that I never thought possible.

As such I though it would be good to remind ourselves of how much we love the game so here's your chance. Here you can post screenshots of your favourite moments from the game, models that have impressed you or SCP screenies that just make you say wow. If it's possible try to get two similar shots, one of the original [V] engine and one from the SCP.

I'll start off with some of the best shots that I've ever seen:
Bobboau introduces much improved thruster trails.

The Babylon Project's base of operations. ;)

The Raynor, a community collaboration.

Freespace: The stuff dreams are made of.

*EDIT* Any broken links will be removed for great justice!

God, all of other celebrated deities applicable, bless freespace! :)

Dammit, Why did you go and have to start a Screenshot thread just after I reformat!

Gorgeous shots though ;)

Jetmech Jr.:

[color=66ff00]Great shots Jetmech. :yes:

Be sure to use lvlshot brackets to make the thread more friendly to view. :nod:


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