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A call to arms (designers)


I want multi missions and all of them.

Old ones on harddrives, new ones, ones that arent made yet but are being made, i want them all.

Convert them to multi test them make them worthy for multiplay

Do whatever you gotta do, but send them to me, through my site.

Go there its in my siggy, submit as many as you can.

This game isn't dead its just been on the backburner to long.

Gimme your missions for multiplayer and i will personally look at them and put them to V for validation.

Whats the difference betweren me or you sending them?

I wont stop until they validate them.

I will test the crap out of them and send them so many readmes and reports they cannot refuse them.

I will send them petitions, i will send them beer, i will send them hatemail lovemail, all kinds of mail.

Be rest assured i wont sleep until your mission, if good enough and fair enough, gets validated.

Send them now people!

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