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The E:
My personal Roadmap (excluding the necessary bugfixes) consists of getting an OpenGL renderer to work. I just do not have the time to really learn how to DirectX in depth.

There are also bits and pieces in the code where wheels were reinvented that I think can be better served by reimplementation using STL code. This of course involves C++0x features, which involves figuring out which parts of C++0x are supported by Visual Studio 2010, or looking into making Starshatter cross-platform (so that we can have a build path that involves gcc).


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--- Quote from: Thaeris on May 26, 2012, 09:27:30 pm ---And then there are matters of game physics and AI - what do we do here? Making a fork in the code base is probably not a bad option, because the old, retail game may not cooperate well with actual Newtonian physics, or an improved AI or campaign system. Starshatter has a lot of potential...

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Ideally, any Starshatter Source Code Project should follow a similar "Thou Shall Not Break Retail" philosophy as FSSCP. There are many ways to implement new features without breaking retail and without needing a fork in the code base. Tables, command line flags...

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There are again, quite a few options up for grabs. But, I think I indicated clearly enough that blantantly breaking retail was not one of them. One can fix the game or enhance it without changing it entirely. That was in fact the bulk of the first post. The potential fork was noted... you might want to start playing the sim before that matter is discussed further.

As far as the assumption that there was an internal board - I suppose I assumed too much. :p

The E:
Once there is an actual team working on the Starshatter source, I may request the addition of an internal board. As it is just me at the moment, I don't see the need for it.

What is an internal board anyway?

It's a sub-forum that's hidden from the general public and accessible by the actual team members to discuss things that the general public has no business mucking around with, and is just generally less cluttered and more organized if you have mods that know what they're doing at all.


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