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Shadows of Lylat (aka Star Fox Mod) Asset Release

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Well, it wasn't the way we wanted to release, but its better than no release at all.

Shadows of Lylat was the first mod team I ever joined. It was the first mod team a lot of us had joined actually. We barely knew how to model or how to texture, but we learned. You can really see this just in the models of the game. The quality goes anywhere from "noob's first model" to "I'm getting the hang of this" to "Feast on the normal map baked glory that is this ship". So try to understand why there can be quite the quality disparity with some of the models.

So enjoy this asset release! It is split into two parts: Working Mod Prototype and Work in Progress.

SoL was going to be a Total Conversion, not requiring FreeSpace, but we didn't get that far. It was working standalone, but with Volition's VPs still there keeping it propped up. So this "release" requires a full FreeSpace installation, FreeSpace Open and the mediavps (3.6.12 works fine!).

I've included some VERY rough missions that took me a few hours to make. There's also some prototype missions included as well. None of that is what the final gameplay was going to be like. Just experiments and stuff for people to play with.

The Work In Progress is all of our in progress work. I didn't really sort much of it. Some of the WIP stuff has been finished and some of it is still quite incomplete.

I've tried my best to credit everyone for their work, I may have forgotten some ships or miscredited people's work... I apologize in advance for these errors!

All of the assets are released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. Basically you can use and modify our works however you like, you just can't make a profit off of it. Also it'd be really pro if you told us if you're using this stuff. It'd be neat to see where this stuff ends up.

Now get cracking! I want to see this stuff get used in a finished product!

Download Page

EDIT: Blarg, download page not working, here's some direct links for now

Asset release Mirror:

If you have any questions or some issues, I'll try to help you out the best I can.

Mod Installation Guidelines:

Ensure you have a working installation of a FreeSpace installation, FreeSpace Open + Launcher and the FreeSpace Upgrade mediavps.
Extract the /SoL/ folder from the archive to your root FreeSpace Folder.
Select the mod from the launcher and hit play.

Don't expect too much! Remember, its unfinished for a reason!

Wait, is SoL dead or something? D:

Yes, I'm kinda sad now.
00:44   Oddgrim   please start rioting quietly in the street.
00:44   Oddgrim   Maybe set off a firecracker or two.

Oh yeah, btw. SoL is dead.

I...I see.
My condolences.


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