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Well, to be fair, oldWoD was very fast in terms of pacing.

You finished your training! Great, aliens appear, go kill them! You killed them? Good, more aliens, kill them too! You killed them too? ****ing sweet, have more aliens to kill! Now the super mega boss aliens appear, go blow them them up! Oh great, you blew up their big megacapship from inside, the universe is safe now, good job! NuWod doesn't really go slower with the playable missions, but the VN segments offer a lot of extra detail that briefings never could.

Imho the problem with most 'complex' FSO missions is that they usually just get solved and then play out like most other missions. HFH from BP is a great example, that mission has incredible depth yet most people will play it in basically the same 'optimized' way.

I feel like the asteroid mission in nuWoD is a bit better in that sense since it still requires some fancy flying and doesn't go "all-in" on the bomb setup gimmick. It also helps that the ray3 is more fun to fly and a better dogfighter than the big bulky stealthpig from tenebra.
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