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[Release] Apollo HTL and MK2, Prototype, Bomber variants

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This contains 4 variants of the HTL Apollo:
A prototype variant based on the Apollo as seen in the Alpha of FS1, for campaigns in the early Great War
A Mark 2 variant for post capella campaigns
The Bomber variant as shown in the intro of FS1
A HTL of the default Apollo

needs a recent nightly that supports PBR textures, said textures are also included as .png in higher resolution

screens of the prototype and mk 2 variants:

so much love there buddy

These look super good. I've always had trouble imagining the Apollo without that "slicey" cockpit. This is clearly what :V: meant it to look like.

+1 props to you for going the extra mile with the variants.  All three extra versions look really cool. :yes:

Buff Skeleton:
God dddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

COOL! the RCS is a nice touch.

[BUG REPORT] (I think, sorry in advance)

I did some play testing, and one thing came up-

I don't think this was intentional, but the gun banks on the standard Apollo are now divided Left-Right, as apposed to Top-bottom.

Having the disruptors stuck to one side kind-of makes disabling Omega 1 feel as hard as disabling Arjuna 1. . . and leading on with two different types of guns linked is nigh unpleasant
+ It's not retail gameplay-wise. . .

Not to be harsh, you/hades probably just missed It.

EDIT: The $Radar Image Size in the table provided Is set to 160. minor thing to fix, but still should be noted.

EDIT2: made post more noticeable.

EDIT3: same thing with missile banks, each bank used to have points on each side. dumbfires are much harder now.  :wtf:


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