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What Freespace are you (Re)Playing Now?

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It struck me just now that we don't have a thread like the What are you playing now? thread we have in the gaming forum where people can tell us which Freespace mod or campaigns they are playing right now. For most of us it's just not worth digging out the release thread if you just want to replay something like Homesick again. So instead, now you can post here and give the creators some recognition when you go back to play something for the 20th time. :)

Feel free to give the TC's like WoD or Diaspora some love too.

I'll go first. I've just finished replaying the main FS2 campaign for the first time in years. Interestingly, unlike last time I replayed I found the game to not be that difficult. I managed to get through the campaign on medium without any major problems. Funnily enough, the times I died weren't on missions I remember as being particularly difficult. I also failed to get out of Cappella twice before the nova hit for some strange reason (I can only remember actually failing once before that, and that was the first time I ever played).

I died twice on Feint, Parry, Riposte. Okay the first time was my own damn fault for being greedy, I tried to sneak in a few shots on the Repulse so that I'd get the kill for it even though I was damaged and took AAA to the face for my troubles!. Similarly I died on Lion's Den when I decided to get much closer to the Shivan Commn Node than I really should have and got hit for a home run. Then I replayed and did it again.

In fact now that I think about it, I only got shot down by enemy fighters once in the whole campaign. Most of my deaths involved derping into large objects! I guess I'm a bigger believer in "Ram them until they give up!" than I thought.

Anyway, now I'm off to play BtA.

Venice Mirror
Why? Cuz it's good! Storyline without significant holes, cool modpack and music, crazy missions with fighterbeam... Overall, TheHound managed to make enjoyable campaign of acceptable lengts. I guess some missions need minor tweaks, our main fighter is just too fast... Etc. But if you didn't play already guys, do it. It's worth it.

And yeah... I recently started to play this :P. Why the hell I agreed on releasing something that long? To be honest I have no idea. Lots of missions should be designed from scratch, because they are too big, with tons of directives and lack of general flow... But some of them, like Seek and Destroy are pearls. In addon, I think SG is still one of the best looking mod ever released here, despite aging models and other stuff. I found it kinda funny to replay your own project that used to be "cool" for you few years ago.

Luis Dias:
I haven't played FreeSpace at all for a while now :(

I recently played the demo campaign a few times, for some reason.

Colonol Dekker:
Windmills.   Can't get enough of it.


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