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I've finally put together some of my scripts and lua sexp creations for public consumption, so everyone can share in the wonderment of near effortless use of lua scripts!

I've put them all on GitHub, so you can download them from there, report issues, or create PRs if you want to fix my bad scripting. I'm only going to post in this thread about new scripts that get added, smaller updates will just be committed without much comment.

The README has a basic overview of what each script does. The Lua SEXP documentation gets into a bit more detail. There are sample missions in some of the folders were applicable.

In progress right now are:
Collection of miscellaneous Lua SEXPs Released!
Item Drop script as seen in JAD
Infinite Ship spawning system as seen in JAD
Turret Control script that allows fine control of turrets (a lua-fire-turret sexp will be included!)

Awesome to see these in one easy to get place! Great for folks who want to use them and who want to learn from them (like me).

Well, i think, that it is possible, that i will report issues sometimes  :D

Would it be possible to extend the scripting to other authors as well? Axem made a lot of fine scripts, but there are others too. Most scripting examples on the wiki are broken AFAIK, and the scripting release board is too chaotic to be sure to get the latest (or even only a working) version. To show what I mean, I made that Ships DB from all FS related community-made ships, not only those from Esarai or Nyctaeus.  Single source seems more useful than many tiny.

That is actually an interesting idea. An HLP Community FS Script github would be a good place that all scripts could be in one place and... hopefully in rather well enough maintained state. Anyone could become a contributor and add their scripts to it too.

The only concern I'd have is the really old scripts that no longer work because of API changes or were in pretty rough shape to begin with and only the original author knew how it worked exactly...


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