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Visual Novel ScriptVersion 3.0.0

This is an Axem-approved, improved version of the Visual Novel Script originally featured in JAD, WoD and Solaris.

While the original script was made by Axem, I reworked some of the more buggy parts and improved a lot of otherwise fairly hard to use constructs (especially around conditional scripting).
Since it is fairly complicated, it comes with a full documentation, and contains a few basic examples.
On the same basis, it is so big that I couldn't test every single option, so you may encounter some bugs here and there.
But since I intend to continue maintaining this script, if anyone finds a bug, has a feature request or needs help, just hit me up.

To use it, integrate the data folder on the github into your mod. Contents of the folders hud, interface, missions and fiction are only needed for the examples. To see how to create your own VN scripts and set up the config, look at the examples or the documentation.

This scripts main purpose is to give modders a lot more options for storytelling and player choice. It creates a visual novel context (in most cases a background, a box at the bottom containing currently spoken dialog, and character sprites in the foreground plus a few extras) from within a mission with a SEXP. In most cases, this will just replace any actual mission with one visual novel block of storytelling. It also has some form of user interaction, in form of choices or simple graphical menus, whose results can either influence following dialog or even set SEXP variables for influence in the campaign. 

Hidden Text: Screenshots from WoD and JAD • ShowHere are some screenshots of how this script (although in it's second version) has been used in JAD and WoD:

This is a basic conversation example from JAD

Here, JAD uses additional image props to enhance the experience

WoD uses the script to emulate briefings and integrates them in a seamless way

This is an example from WoD, where the player can use this map to freely choose where to go and thus with whom to speak

Edit 16.11.2020: Added screenshots and general explanation

Colonol Dekker:
A proud legacy.

Beautiful work! :)

It seems a powerful storytelling tool, yet those like me who are unfamiliar with it would appreciate a couple of screenshots showing off what's it about and its precise purposes in-game.

My "campaigns to play whenever I get the chance" list is quite long and I'm trying to catch up with what I've missed. This script appears to be a major feature but I'm kind of blind right now and I have no idea how it works. Is it a major overhaul of the fiction viewer, or something else?

Any examples other than the raw templates on GitHub?

Colonol Dekker:
It's like having animated cartoons instead of briefings.


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