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The First Contact War - Episode 1
Go install it right now

Manual download links pending... Please Wait Warmly

It's finally here, the first act of the mod I've been working on since October 2020! 10 missions await you in this Total Conversion set in a wholly original new universe, beset with over 40 new, totally unique ships crafted specifically for this mod (along with the Baikal I may have nabbed from DE/WoD).

In this story you play as Ayako Matoke, a fresh graduate from the Solar Federation Naval Academy, and new ensign to the 58th Stormclouds. Together with a cast of varied and interesting characters, you wage war against the bloodthirsty Glisean Steel Pact, but not all is as it seems because there's another, much more sinister threat lurking in the shadows.

Next to the standard missions, you also get to spend some time with your fellow wingmen off-mission in Visual Novel-style sequences.

This has been a project I've been conceptualizing since 2016, and have been working on proper since October 2020. This is only the first of four planned Episodes, with each further Episode also adding more to the existing ones. Excepting the testers and the occasional beta reader checking my writing/Lafiel helping me with scripts, I've been doing this project essentially all on my own.

Known Issues:
-The VN Scenes aren't exactly brimming with lots of dialogue at the moment.
-Sometimes Head.ANIs don't show up properly.
-Mission 9 may not give you the Marker missile. I have applied every possible fix to this bug I can do from my end but it can only be fixed by switching to the latest RC builds.
-The "Skip to First/Last Stage of Briefing" buttons don't work. I don't know why that's happening, I've used essentially just reskinned files from base FS2, it should by all accounts be working.

Special Thanks

-Massive thanks go to Lafiel for helping me out with the VN Script and just maintaining it in general. This is a crucial cornerstone of this mod's overall vision.
-Sparda for beta testing the final batch of missions and giving me valuable feedback on some of them.
-spart_n for occasionally telling me to get off my arse and work on this, and also for coming up with better mission names/ship names because I am not good with names at all.
-EatThePath for handing me the Deathball weapon which formed the basis for the Bluespace Artillery Munitions.
-Spoon for making Wings of Dawn, which inspired this mod in the first place.

Marvellous. Well done, Strygon.  Downloading now.  I'll get back to you with my initial thoughts, promptly.

Highlighted. :yes:

Oh this looks fantastic, congratulations on the release! Downloading now  :)

Congrats Strygon.


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