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Homeworld 3 is out, so I wrote a thing about FreeSpace.


Been a while. Hope you enjoy.

Awesome, it's always encourage to spread the word about the numerous achievements of FreeSpace modders. Perhaps you could provide more direct links over there that would allow readers to access our channels, the website, the Wiki, and so on. :yes:

Good article.

I haven't played HW 3 yet, I'll wait for a sale.
The Steam reviews are mixed, and the negative ones have some very valid points (not even with much spoilers to the plot, but the gameplay and other non-story related).
Seems like the campaign is short, the ships are not intelligent (they forget orders, don't prioritize the right targets). Ship speed is out of whack to the point that fighters are slow, and I read the support frigate cannot keep up with the larger ships it's meant to support. That's not to mention they have some intrusive DRM thing that is not only intrusive to the player, but also to the PC resources...

That said, Cyberpunk was famous for being a disaster and then it evolved so much, so there is hope.

Good article, indeed. :yes:


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