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--- Quote ---  OpenGL Vendor     : S3 Graphics, Incorporated
  OpenGL Renderer   : VIA Chrome9 HC IGP
  OpenGL Version    : 1.4 20.09.01q

--- End quote ---

That is most likely your problem right there.  Unless you can find newer drivers for that video card you are most likely out of luck.  OpenGL 1.4 is bare minimum for FS2_Open and Direct3D isn't supported anymore. 

Also not that it matters in this case but you didn't actually enable Zathras in the launcher.  Really doubt that will help though but you never know. 

I did enable zathras in the launcher too, after this screenshot has been made, no changes.
To be honest I was afraid you could refer to my graphic card.
Well ... no chance to get another driver, theres only few versions, and the only 1 i guess which works good enought to play games.
Q3A, ET, CS ,JK  and few other ogl games working just fine but like you said... I'm most likely out of luck in this case.

I have a question how can you add missions with FRED (.vp files) to the DVD version?

The E:
New single missions (file extension: .fs2) need to be in <TBP directory>\data\missions.

New vp files can usually be placed directly into the TBP directory.

hi since i instalklled the DVD there is a Data file but i cant insert any data into it because its a Cabinet file(dont know if i used the right word)Its a fs2 file and not vp sry so i need to insert it into the data but thats not possible


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